This blog is a mix of advice regarding life, health (physically, mentally & emotionally), + a splash of real estate. She gets ideas about what’s essential in life every day she learns to just be her; hence, the blog domain name, BeingTrinaMarie.

A lover of Christ + wife + mom first then a Life-Style, Mental Health & Inspirational Blogger who has a passion for life. From Southern California currently living in Las Vegas, works as an Influencer of Life, Style, a Residential and Luxury Real Estate Consultant while promoting Brands. Also, the co-founder and owner of a professional photography business called B&T Capture and Design.

TrinaMarie believes that when it comes to self-expression, it’s about intentionality + learning who you are, learning when to say yes or no, being ok with putting yourself first (even as a mom and or wife), and not forgetting to dress according to your personal style. TrinaMarie believes that Life can be like Fashion, both of which can be this mysterious thing that you can’t explain–and designing your life is a series of both logical and creative choices – it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process. Just like you choose your Style depending upon what you want to say, you choose your Journey depending on what type of Life you want to embrace.

TrinaMarie believes health, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is power. Defining your personal style is much more interesting than living in today’s fashion. She’s a true creative at heart and a mental health advocate, who loves inspiring people’s best life by helping them to define who they are, creating more confidence, teaching how to tell their own story in spite of the challenges with a world who wants to tell it for them. Mark Twain said, “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

So what does TrinaMarie really know about life? I mean, what is her “professional training?”

TrinaMarie’s professional training is from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources. She spent almost 15 years leading, mentoring, and investing in the growth of employees and partnering with companies. She also went to the School of Counseling & Human Services at Capella University where she received her Masters. This program is focused on helping others by building the leadership, collaboration, and advocacy skills needed to solve real-world problems. TrinaMarie is not a licensed counselor but an advocate when it comes to mental health and inspiring people to living life according to their purpose. Now about that Master’s degree…TrinaMarie remembers finishing that undergrad degree and when trying to determine what she should get her Masters in, she heard God’s voice loud and clear saying, “get it in Human Services.” TrinaMarie was highly surprised as she had a bachelor’s in Business Administration/HR and thought her next degree would be in Leadership and Organizational Management?” She heard God so distinctly, that she said okay. “God, I don’t understand why you want me to get this type of a degree but I’m going to trust you.”Needless to say, TrinaMarie had no idea how it would come into play at the time. However, in the last several years, TrinaMarie transitioned into Real Estate, which allows her flexibility so she can focus on what matters to her most. She realizes that happiness comes from doing what you love and what you are called to do, even when naysayers don’t believe you or in you.

Ok enough of the technical lingo, the boring stuff. Just remember, TrinaMarie believes health (physically, mentally & emotionally), brings about the best in everything you do. She understands the importance of learning to “just be you,” creating your own personal style, both of which helps to define who you are and lead to a more fulfilling life. In return, doing so not only helps you but blessing others. Knowing what makes you really happy can be a life-long journey but it doesn’t have to be.

TrinaMarie is a proud supporter of suicide prevention, mental health/illnesses, and eradicating the stigma associated with asking for help. Remember, we are human and to expect people to never feel is to remove the uniqueness, empathy, and love that I believe we truly possess inside. Together we can change as we are in this together, so let’s support and embrace each us as family.

TrinaMarie believes that it’s not until you figure out what you truly love, what you are called to do, that you will truly find what makes you happy.




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