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What is an Alpha Male? Similar to the Alpha Female, he is known to be self-reliant and confident. They exude confidence and security, which is one of the many factors that makes them so attractive. In addition, the alpha male regardless of his occupation appears to be so confident that he can make you feel like a million bucks.

Understand that no matter how much he may present himself to be, an alpha male has emotions just like anyone else. He may be in favor of hiding those emotions more than others, but they are still there. An alpha male needs love and support just as much as any other person you know or have dated before. In some situations, you may need to pay special care to your alpha partner to keep them reassured, motivated, and focused on their goals. An alpha male without a job, for example, is susceptible to having bouts of depression or anxiety when he doesn’t have the proper support, especially in downtimes.

PROS for Dating the Alpha Male

They religiously follow their work ethic and are highly focused. Alpha males can motivate those around them, protective of their loved ones, are excellent providers, are natural-born leaders, and are charismatic. They are a take-charge kind of man who knows what he wants out of life and isn’t afraid to get it.

CONS for Dating the Alpha Male

Alpha men’s protectiveness and need to control can cause you to lose your self-identity if you are not strong-minded and strong-willed. Additionally, the alpha males’ dating life can be challenging because they can be so engrossed in their work that their partner can start to feel left out, unappreciated, and as if they are not cared about.

What Alpha Males Desire:

Most alpha males desire a certain kind of woman. They don’t want a completely passive woman who will do everything they want. They NEED and love a woman who gives her two cents (whether they’ll admit this or not). However, it must be at the right moment, in the right tone, and she must also support him. Finding the balance is critical.

Remember, alpha men are susceptible even if they don’t portray it. As their significant other, your words are the ones that can cut the deepest because your words are more powerful than the opinions of their closest friends. Additionally, they must protect their loved ones, including their friends.

How to attract the alpha male:

• Attracted to their opposite – Be Feminine (doesn’t mean you need to be a supermodel, just feminine and a good nurturer. • Be a good listener, their biggest supporter, and cheerleader. • Be okay with being led. • Be strong and confident and a leader in your rights • Challenge him intellectually, or he will get bored. • Be adaptable yet still going after your own goals and know that he will always support you. • Be positive.

What I have researched and learned through experience is that Alpha females should do these things to improve and enhance their relationships:

• Find a balance between putting their work first and their significant other first.

• Know when to step back and let their significant other lead.

• Work on leaving stipulations out. • Ease up on stubbornness, bossiness, and controlling behaviors. • Listen and learn to compromise more.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we discussed the alpha males’ positive and negative traits, pay attention to red flags such as controlling behaviors. There is a big difference between “being in control” of yourself and needing to control someone else. Be careful if he is overly jealous, a narcissist has temper issues, puts you down regularly, or picks at your flaws and weaknesses. If you’re in a relationship with an alpha male that has become physically or verbally abusive, get help. The Domestic Violence Hotline is a 24-hour resource with a staff of trained professionals to support you. Love isn’t controlling. Love is empowering and uplifting. Love helps you and inspires you to reach your next journey.

National Domestic Violence Hotline Local Domestic Shelter: The ShadeTree

24-Hours a Day 24-Hours a Day Phone: 1-800-799-7233 Phone: (855) 385-0072 Web: Web:

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