It’s official and I’m so excited to join forces with Solutions of Change as their new Brand Ambassador. What a perfect way to start off Mental Health Month!

Now, I’m asking you to join me to help remove the stigma related to mental health illnesses. Together we can fight the stigma by:

  1. Sharing Your Story
  2. Supporting One Another
  3. Donating to Raise Funds to help Solutions of Change support those that need support and do not have insurance to cover their therapy.


  • 25% of Americans will at one point deal with a mental illness,
  • 33% of Americans actually know someone that has committed suicide,
  • 66% of people who went through a life-changing event had physical symptoms while they were grieving, and
  • SUICIDE was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States in 2018.

As the Brand Ambassador of Solutions of Change, I am asking you to join me by committing to a donation to support outpatient therapeutic and counseling services to help those dealing with behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs learn coping techniques to stabilize themselves. These targeted areas include (but are not limited to) forms of depression, anxiety, anger management, attention-deficits, and mood disorders typically resulting from trauma. Solutions of Change offers intensive rehabilitative mental health services that adjunct the therapeutic process to accelerate treatment progress.

Interesting in donating? Click the Solutions of Change logo below.

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