Sometimes, simply saying yes isn’t all that bad. Normally, I prefer to be behind the camera but I said, why not support two causes at once and in this case, three. I ended up modeling for Tuxedo Express & Creative Bridal Wearand D&R House of Diamonds during the Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo this past weekend.

Not to mention, I just started the process of planning my wedding so I guess it doesn’t hurt to model some wedding gowns. This process has definitely helped me figure out what I do and don’t like a lot quicker.  One thing, I know for sure, I prefer a dress with light material vs a thicker dress. It’ll definitely save me from getting sweaty- I mean… who enjoys that?

Wearing Casa Blanca from Creative Bridal and my Wedding Ring by D&R House of Diamonds.

I guess, after we discuss values, it’s one thing personal associated not notably one thing you’ll associate specifically to a rustic for an instance.


Probably my favorite watch – the silver one.

I actually have tried several watches. I favor to alter them, be elfish and explore totally different styles to travel together with the outfit I picked that day. I actually relish attempting out watches from fashion brands as they need such a beautiful style to them that goes dead well together with the wear.

Photos Courtesy of Kristina Bazan

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