Sadly 1 in 5 people experience some form of a mental illness or condition. I want to help people before they get to that dark place.
We all deserve a better quality of life. Bringing awareness and education around mental health and eradicating the stigma associated with asking for help.
Being inclusive means stepping outside your norm and your comfort zone and inviting someone who is very different than you into your world. It means connecting in a way that you are no longer judging based off of media and heresy and instead, you know first hand. Created Equally. Uniquely Made
Where you can sometimes find me serving my community
Whether itโ€™s to share and inspire about being left out, feeling different, mental health and how it affected me and my family
Better Homes & Therapy is a podcast focused on creating better homes & stronger communities. I believe we are better together
A broker real estate professional who spends time giving back to needs she is most passionate about. Additionally, I donate part of my proceeds to support mental health awareness.