Why Do We Need Solutions Of Change?

Now even more with the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people are out of work. That means they no longer have their health insurance to use for their mental health treatments or they have insurance but it won’t cover virtual appointments. To me, that means it is time for a change. That’s why I partnered with Solutions of Change. The goal is to increase the awareness of mental health, share resources available depending on need, and show coping techniques. Solutions of Change is a nonprofit organization founded by Dinisha Mingo, owner of MHS Behavioral Services, Inc.

Furthermore, did you know that SUICIDE was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States during 2018 (the most recent year in which final data are available).  There were 48,344 suicides in 2018, which is over 5,000 deaths more than the 11th leading cause of death, Chronic liver disease, and cirrhosis (42,838 deaths).

Additionally, my fear is that many are worrying about being infected by the coronavirus even though more people will due to self-inflicted harm, such as suicide.

Source: National Vital Statistics System, 2018

Solutions of Change is a non-profit corporation complementary to the Mingo Health Services brand. Their purpose is to help everyone through all stages of life from childhood to adulthood, identify, learn, and apply solutions to assist in building better self-sufficiency skills.

Healing to Health Summit is the annual event to provide workshops to individuals dealing with mental and behavioral problems on a spectrum who are unable to access support otherwise. Or maybe have not sought help.

Solutions of Change is the ambulatory partner to MHS to reach a broader audience as it is not limited to certain diagnoses or insurance regulations. Using new techniques such as art, sports, theatre, music, leadership, and tools to educate and empower.

Uncertain times can be a trigger point for many and especially those dealing with a mental illness. People need to be able to see their therapist virtually for a counseling session, to adjust their medication, or both. Neither of which are covered if they do not have insurance due to loss of employment. In many cases, even if they are still employed, virtual therapy sessions are not covered through their medical insurance. Solutions of Change can offer free counseling and therapy sessions as well as free therapeutic sessions with the use of music, art, and more.

The goal is to create safe places for people to be themselves, talk freely, and create a better understanding of how mental illness affects people. Help us raise awareness about mental health and support Solutions of Change to help those in need by providing ongoing mental illness treatment and support. We are asking for a monthly commitment of $10 p/month. If that is too much, please give whatever you can. Solutions of Change is a taxable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

And if you can, join us during Fancy Friday’s beginning Friday, May 1, 2020. Get fly, feel good, and let’s fundraise for Mental Health Awareness!

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