Such an honor to be invited and attend the Boys Town Nevada’s 30’th Anniversary as the United States of America’s Mrs. Blue Diamond 2021. Thank you, Boys Town Nevada, for what you do to help our boys, girls, and families stay together and provide mental health counseling and support for Nevadans and throughout our country.

On September 30, 2021, my husband and I had an inspiring evening honoring their history and celebrated their promise and possibilities of their future. Boys Town Nevada recognized many outstanding individuals, corporations, and community partners for their ongoing commitment and generosity; one of the partners included my husband’s company D&R House of Diamonds. They donated a pendant that raised $8,000. Her husband of 30 years was the winning bidder. How awesome is that?!

The support is instrumental in allowing Boys Town Nevada to bring hope and healing to countless children and families throughout the Las Vegas community.

The beautiful custom 1-carat S1I quality diamond. This piece was made just for this event.



To give you a little more information about Boys Town.

Boys Town first began in 1917 with a minister named Father Edward Joseph Flanagan. While ministering to the ​homeless on the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, he became passionate about helping young people and their struggle to grow into responsible, productive members of society.

Boys Town Nevada opened their first doors in 1991 and now serves over 2,000 children each year. Although they are called Boys Town, they started serving girls in 1978.

Lastly, in 2014, Boys Town Nevada partners with an organization called LIFT Together, and together they partner with high-needs in schools in Las Vegas to strengthen families struggling students. LIFT Together with Boys Town offer parent training classes and support for classroom training for kids who have experienced Trauma.

As a child who faced a major trauma, this is life-changing. I wish I had something like this when I was younger and was growing up. When I first went to college, I wanted to major in Child Psychology but the way my heart is set up and knew what I had experienced as a child, I wasn’t too sure if I would be strong enough to not take these kids home with me. I ended up getting a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management degree. When it was time for my Masters I prayed on the degree. I was sure that God would agree that it was going to be in Organizational Leadership and Development. Nope! I heard him loud and clear say Human Services. I didn’t know exactly why at the moment. I remember saying, I trust you, God. Therefore, I ended up going to the School of Counseling and Human Services and obtaining my Master’s from Capella University.

You may be wondering, wow what did you go through and you ended up with a master’s degree? Yes, I actually have 4 degrees that I am very proud of for different reasons. I told myself I did not want to be a statistic. I did have my amazing son at the age of 19 years old and he was my motivator. I had to do something and be someone because of him. I had to do what I can with whatever I had in me.

Sadly, I kept everything inside and never dealt with it and it had to play heavily in a negative way on my relationships to causing me to end my first marriage. That nearly almost broke me. Of course, it wasn’t all of my fault, however, the trauma from a kid took over how I viewed myself in those moments. I cried to God and He was there and he would remind me of when He was there and that is when this journey really began. The journey to want better mental health for myself and for others.

So places like Boys TownBoys Town Nevada, LIFT Together, Solutions of Change, Nevada Partners, Ty’s Place, and more are so needed. Our youth are our future and their mental well-being needs to be supported. They deserve to have healthy relationships, careers, and a future. I would love to share more of my story with you. Just contact me. I’m available for speaking and teaching events. Let’s connect by clicking the Schedule a Call button located on the side header of this blog.

I met an amazing woman who shared her story of how BoysTown Nevada saved her and her families life.

She was in a dark place at one moment and now because of their help, she is inspired to speak about mental health advocacy. I love it! I say sometimes, things happen to us that aren’t fair and traumatic. Don’t let that define who you are. Let that experience help you help others.



Bianca and Me. Boys Town Nevada saved her and her family.
My husband of D&R House of Diamonds, Richard Shaw, and the winner of the live auction item, the 1-carat diamond pendant. As you can see, she quickly put that beauty on!

The below are the award honorees from the 30th Celebration Gala for Boys Town Nevada:

​Founders Award

Norm Jenkins
Judge Charles McGee
Tom Waite

​Influencer Award

Winnie Schulman
Kevin Buckley

​Institutional Support Award


​Partner in Leadership Award

Principal Sarah Popek, Tate
Elementary School

Paving the Way for Children in the Community

Punam Mathur
Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Clark County Commissioner


Proudly serving as your United States of America’s Mrs. Blue Diamond 2021

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