Leopard Dress: Haute Chix

Okay here it goes… there’s this war that goes on within me and I believe many can relate. This war of knowing that deep down inside you know that you have been called to do something. Yet, you try to ignore the feelings, run away from the calling, or even run in circles around the very place where you’re supposed to be. But, then it finally catches up to you.

Right now, I am battling with figuring out how to do what I’m so passionate about while doing what I have been called to do. Or better yet, how doing both can even complement each other. You know I’m not getting any younger. In life, we always hear about doing what we’re called to do and finding this place of unique happiness. Like many, I believe we have things that people say should make us completely happy. For example, I have an amazing son who inspires me with his determination and heart. My life partner reminds me daily how great it is to be doing what you love. Not to mention, he treats me like a queen and does the things that many women pray they find in a man. I have great friends, attend and serve with my church, including serving in the community. But yet, it seems as if you are not doing what you are called to do, life can be less fulfilling. What I do know is that I am a helper and a teacher and I get my greatest satisfaction by helping others accomplish their goals. On that same note, I’ve always loved fashion and the creative world in general!

So what I am getting ready to share is coming from my own perspective knowing that if I just move according to my spirit, it will work out. So if I jump around a bit, please forgive me because I’m still figuring it out. Hence, why I call this blog Being TrinaMarie. Honestly, this is just a blog about my journey through life and finding my pure joy and happiness while doing what I love and having the courage to live that so-called “Best Life.” I really do hope this blog somehow helps you and even better inspires you. However, I must say… I feel like this is something I must personally do. Something that will be therapeutic and healing… for me. So I’m going to share with you a little bit about some of the battles that go inside me while sharing some fashion and styling tips. I know it may seem like two separate topics but they are my reality. So here goes… You ready to walk through these doors with me?

Leopard Dress: Haute Chix

Okay, so those who know me know that I love fashion and style. I mean LOVE! On that same note, fashion can be very expensive if you are just simply trying to keep up with the Joneses. For me, I’ve always been curious about how I find great finds on a budget because the most of us can’t afford all those expensive jeans, handbags, purses, shoes… and oh how I love them all! Okay, back on track. So, what I have learned is that fashion is temporary and unless you have plenty of discretionary dollars it can be very expensive to try and buy all of those high designer items. My goal has always been, be stylish in my own way; in short, be me with a twist! You gotta have personality! What I have learned is that I can thrift shop, find clearance 75 – 80% off sales, and purchase statement pieces that will take your style to another level. So as I blog more and more, I just want to share with you what I know because I know that the majority of us are in the same boat. Let’s be honest… ok!

Okay… So I did a collab and influencer shoot. My first one Y’all! I am so grateful for Selena, the Co-Owner of Haute Chix. So as I’m taking pictures and looking at the pictures after each shot of the outfit (completely not the photographer’s fault whatsoever but of course, I have this battle inside of my head), I am not liking the images. Ok, let me say like many others; it’s not the images. Honestly, we don’t like the way we look in the photo. Why? Because I’m not the size that I prefer to be and with my current health problems and issues and… ok, let me just admit also– I’m not that disciplined either… but the point is, I struggle with losing weight.

Lace Top & Black Pants: Haute Chix

So here is the truth… You see that roll of fat! I know you see it! Honestly, I see women who are my size and even bigger and I think they are absolutely beautiful! I love their confidence. I love their curves and or fullness. But when I look at myself in the mirror (or in a photo)  I struggle with loving my body image even though I may actually be that same size or even smaller than them. Yep, I said it. I still struggle with feeling beautiful! Reality is, I know that many women feel the same way. Either you see yourself as too skinny and want to gain weight or see yourself as too big and want to lose weight. We live in this world where fashion and style magazines and Instagram Influencers tend to dictate what beauty is.

But I say, being beautiful is just being yourself and being comfortable in your current body size at this very moment in time.

So don’t just take the headshots, go ahead and take the full body shots! I will share what I have learned that has helped me to learn to love my body more in photos.  I’ve learned to walk away from the images and come back to them after I have listened to some positive inspirational messages and after I have said some positive affirmations, such as:

  • “I am beautiful.”
  • “There is nothing wrong with my arms.”
  • “Girl, I am fine and aging better than fine wine!”

So weird, I know but it works. And I know, by the time you finish reading this blog you may think I’m crazy about how I feel about my body image; hence, why I called this particular blog “The War Inside of Me.” But what I know, is that I am not alone.

With Style Influencer &
accountability partner, Ashlynd.
Leopard Dress: Haute Chix
Shoes: Valentino

Just know that we are in this together, so let’s continue to encourage one another!

If you like some of the pieces I am wearing, I will post some close-up shots of some other outfits you can find from the boutique below. So if you live in the Las Vegas, Southern Highlands area or is coming to visit, be sure to stop by this Boutique, Haute Chix.

They are not too far from the strip and they seriously have some really cute, casual, chic, and even sexy, but all great finds. Another thing I love about this boutique is that you don’t have to worry about seeing someone else in your same outfit because they only have a few pieces of the same style. Now that’s wassup!

So ladies and men, can we stop struggling with am I too fat or am I thin enough, am I thick enough, am I tall enough or I wish I was shorter? All it will do is lead us down the path of depression. So let’s get a grip and know each one us is perfectly designed by God and that my friends should be sufficient alone. And guess what? He truly does believe that we are so beautiful and perfectly made!

Let’s be honest, if we are still struggling with our current size, then we really just need to suck it up and be more disciplined if it bothers us that much. Being healthy and fit… there’s nothing wrong with that! We just have to tell ourselves okay, it’s time to make some changes. But I am on this journey of loving myself no matter what my size is, nor my current situation. Being myself, being grateful, trusting in Him, and believing Him is key.

Black Pearl Set (Jacket & Shorts): Haute Chix

Always remember, true beauty comes from just being yourself… so know that you are more than enough!

I’m truly just getting started but let’s stay connected even if this isn’t one of your challenges. I will be sharing more + fashion + style + goodies. So go ahead and click on this subscribe link here.

Being TrinaMarie

So as I go through this journey called life, I’m going to share some tips on style. Finding your style, knowing what complements your body type will make you feel and look better. Fashion should be fun. It shouldn’t be labeled intellectual. And age and size, they are only numbers.


Below are some ideas on how to match some pieces for a short weekend get-away!

Outfit pieces courtesy of Haute Chix.