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United States of America’s Mrs. Nevada 2022, TrinaMarie Shaw
Youth News by WHALER’s Creation, National Publication


United States of America’s Mrs. Nevada 2022, TrinaMarie Shaw, shares her story with a national magazine called Youth News.

In this article, you will hear from USOA Mrs. Nevada 2022 as she shares her experience in foster care and opens up about her mom and grandmother who had a mental illness.

La’ Toria Kern is the founder of FAMILY Arts @ WHALER’s Creation and founder and publisher of Youth News. FAMILY Arts @ WHALER’s Creation is a nonprofit organization focused on fostering, adopting, mentoring, and investing in the lives of the youth.

Youth News is a magazine with the goal to bring educational, inspirational, and motivational stories to encourage people to open their hearts and support the youth.

You can learn more about FAMILY Arts @ WHALER’s Creation HERE.

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About The Author

TrinaMarie Shaw

An Eradicator of mental health/illness stigmas. Changing society's perspectives on how they view mental health/illness, even if it's one person as a time.

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