United States of America’s Mrs. Nevada 2022
Rancho High School, Las Vegas, NV


Current United States of America’s (USOA) Mrs. Nevada 2022, TrinaMarie Shaw, spent time at Rancho High School visiting Mr. Reuben D’Silva’s classroom. USOA Mrs. Nevada 2022 (TrinaMarie) worked her platform, SPARKLE – TURNING DARKNESS INTO LIGHT, as she spent her time speaking and engaging to Juniors and Seniors.

Rancho High School, home of the Rams, is a public high school founded in the Las Vegas Valley that opened its doors in 1953, after Las Vegas High School and Basic High School. It has become a Magnet School that offers pre-medical and aviation courses. Additionally, Mr. D’Silva, a Purple Heart Air Force Veteran, a graduate of Yale, is also a former Ram.

Additionally, Mr. D’Silva and United States of America’s (USOA) Mrs. Nevada 2022, TrinaMarie Shaw previously was part of the Urban League Young Professionals Organization where TrinaMarie served as Vice President. The organization was about empowering and equipping Young Urban Professionals as leaders within the community.

USOA Mrs. Nevada, TrinaMarie, knew she was meeting with Mr. D’Silva’s last class, so she came with a big heart, great smile, full of life, laughter, and lots of energy as she knew that the youth could be some of the most demanding audience to get engaged.


  • Speaking with them about mental health symptoms to recognize amongst themselves and their peers

  • When not to keep a secret that may cost a life, as it’s more important to have a friend here and upset with them vs. a friend that decided life was too much of a burden and is no longer with us.

  • They had to get up and move around while playing a community-building game where they communicated, trusted, and supported each other.

  • They designed Encouragement Boards where they created boards with positive words of encouragement. These words can be shared with their peers and even remind them of difficult days and moments.

By the end of the class period, she received great evaluations from the students and a wonderful compliment from Mr. D’Silva. He shared how surprised he was that one of his students participated as he is a member of a gang and never participates. This is one of the reasons why TrinaMarie does what she does and believes that she can bring darkness to light by how she engages with others.

TrinaMarie’s platform, SPARKLE – TURNING DARKNESS INTO LIGHT, is about eradicating stigmas associated with asking for help, offering support, and changing society’s perception on how mental health and mental illnesses are viewed.




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